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pict-106-7.jpg (13741 bytes)Participating in a Caribbean racing week or an ocean crossing event is a very special experience. The climate, the scenery and the hospitality of the people, all together they create an atmosphere that will bring you an unforgettable event. There is a large number of regattas of which the Heineken Regatta, Antigua Race Week and the Voiles de St. Barth are the most well known events. Numerous cruising and racing yachts meet to measure up against each other. The evenings are indulged with plenty of food and drinks. The parties and BBQ's, where sailors meet and exchange their experiences of the past day are often sponsored or included in the price.

The yacht "Nix" is a racing/cruising yacht that can sleep 6 - 10 people and is raced with a crew of maximum 17. If your party is larger than 10 the rest of the crew has to sleep asw08-3515.jpg (24430 bytes)ashore or as some people prefer, on deck. Hotels can be found nearby onshore. Usually the yacht participates in the Performance Cruising Class at most events. "Nix" is equipped with an extensive range of in total 15 racing and cruising sails. It has a skilled English, German and Dutch speaking skipper, with a lot of racing experience. However he will encourage you to do the job yourself. A few training/cruising days will precede the event, so that your party will start the race with confidence. The skipper will only assist in emergencies.

The number of yachts that participate in the events can vary from 20 to more than 250 yachts. You can find the complete schedule here. If you have questions please contact us by email and you will receive detailed information on sailing schedule.


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